Our Partner ... Harom caffè

wisely worked Mixtures

Coffee három honors the ancient art of coffee making available to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and bars delicious blends wisely worked to offer an express impeccable, from fine and balanced taste. The different dosage of Arabica and Robusta gives every product specific organoleptic characteristics, both in in appreciable grain version and in the ground. The line also includes decaffeinated coffee, barley and ginseng and monoporzionati in capsules and pods.
fundamental phase of the process, performed at the roasting of San Giorgio a Cremano is the cooking process, carried out with the support of the roaster machine, within which takes place the roasting of the raw coffee. After 30-40 days elapsed in silos, the product is packed and is thus ready for delivery. The fragrant coffee is now ready to begin its journey, with final destination the perfect cup of espresso, at home, in the office or at the bar.