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Ancient craft workshop of Neapolitan chocolate.

Our company produces chocolate in Naples since 1890, when a first parent returning from Paris Court where he had taken part in an exhibition of confectionery products, and imported learned the art of making chocolate, inventing bare chocolates, whose name it was given in honor of a Paris a little 'bawdy and risqué.
In a first phase, the processing of the product-chocolate was quite cumbersome, we speak of a process that goes from the roasting of cocoa honeycomb, its peeling and refining, until you get to mix with other raw materials (sugar, cocoa butter etc. .) to obtain a paste adapted to be machined in its many diversifications.
Over the years this procedure and 'always gone more streamlining until you get to today, when you buy the raw material that is a result of the passage of peeling roasting stages and preparation, leaving the various companies the opportunity to mix with other raw materials and process it according to the recipe and proportions that characterize and distinguish them.
Our company, now in its fifth generation, working the chocolate with the same doses, adequate to the times and to modern products, which were used in the early twentieth century and handed down from generation to generation.
The Chocolate Faibano Gallucci, the only, the original on the occasion of its 110 years, he transferred to the plant in Naples Vico said Emanuele 33, which produces a chocolate that is the meeting of the wisdom that comes from history family, and modern technologies that make it possible to obtain good, results, managing to bring together some 1930 machines and other new production, wisely governed by the intelligence of the owners who every day actively involved in the production and control its results, we offer customers a range of products for the 70E composed of articles produced integrated hand for the remainder of the invoice industrial products.
In these 110 years of activity our company has always been looking for what could serve to perfect what was handed down over the years resulting in a product that is the synthesis of art, tradition and passion, all enhanced by the knowledge that a pride for the city of Naples and magnified yourselves and motivated at the same time for this.