Our Partner ... Harom caffè

wisely worked Mixtures

Coffee három honors the ancient art of coffee making available to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and bars delicious blends wisely worked to offer an express impeccable, from fine and balanced taste. The different dosage of Arabica and Robusta gives every product specific organoleptic characteristics, both in in appreciable grain version and in the ground. The line also includes decaffeinated coffee, barley and ginseng and monoporzionati in capsules and pods.
fundamental phase of the process, performed at the roasting of San Giorgio a Cremano is the cooking process, carried out with the support of the roaster machine, within which takes place the roasting of the raw coffee. After 30-40 days elapsed in silos, the product is packed and is thus ready for delivery. The fragrant coffee is now ready to begin its journey, with final destination the perfect cup of espresso, at home, in the office or at the bar.

Our Partner .... Gigi Sannino

The great Neapolitan sartorial tradition, now you can wear it. The MadeItalianStyle, is proud to distribute a high quality product, all, hand made.

The gigisannino shirts are sewn by hand to give the right reinforcement to the finer points, such as buttons and travettino on your sleeve. The sleeve is sewn by hand to give to that special shirt saddle that gives the garment, soft and perfect fit. The neck is attached to the right hand to give grace to the shirt when worn. This whole culture is at the service of people who choose to customize your own by choosing the head of the pack 'tailored'.

Our Partner ... Gallucci Chocolate

Out Partner
Ancient craft workshop of Neapolitan chocolate.

Our company produces chocolate in Naples since 1890, when a first parent returning from Paris Court where he had taken part in an exhibition of confectionery products, and imported learned the art of making chocolate, inventing bare chocolates, whose name it was given in honor of a Paris a little 'bawdy and risqué.
In a first phase, the processing of the product-chocolate was quite cumbersome, we speak of a process that goes from the roasting of cocoa honeycomb, its peeling and refining, until you get to mix with other raw materials (sugar, cocoa butter etc. .) to obtain a paste adapted to be machined in its many diversifications.
Over the years this procedure and 'always gone more streamlining until you get to today, when you buy the raw material that is a result of the passage of peeling roasting stages and preparation, leaving the various companies the opportunity to mix with other raw materials and process it according to the recipe and proportions that characterize and distinguish them.
Our company, now in its fifth generation, working the chocolate with the same doses, adequate to the times and to modern products, which were used in the early twentieth century and handed down from generation to generation.
The Chocolate Faibano Gallucci, the only, the original on the occasion of its 110 years, he transferred to the plant in Naples Vico said Emanuele 33, which produces a chocolate that is the meeting of the wisdom that comes from history family, and modern technologies that make it possible to obtain good, results, managing to bring together some 1930 machines and other new production, wisely governed by the intelligence of the owners who every day actively involved in the production and control its results, we offer customers a range of products for the 70E composed of articles produced integrated hand for the remainder of the invoice industrial products.
In these 110 years of activity our company has always been looking for what could serve to perfect what was handed down over the years resulting in a product that is the synthesis of art, tradition and passion, all enhanced by the knowledge that a pride for the city of Naples and magnified yourselves and motivated at the same time for this.

Our Partner ... E' Sarracin

Our Partner

Gragnano Pasta artisan with special drawing in bronze and internal rifling.

The pasta is smooth and bronze extruded. Later, with the advent of Teflon dies, a material that offers very little friction, the paste appeared recently porous so it was necessary to increase the surface of the product in order to have a greater hold on the area where you can make sauces . But in this way they go to create product strengths, located in the thickness of the lining, and breaking points, which of course you will find in the valleys between two strengths. So how will the externally grooved pasta when chewing? When you will go to crush between your teeth, break points described, they tend to tear. The feeling will be, then, to chew a little consistent paste and little callous. 'And Sarracin instead have well thought of reversing the scoring, bringing it inside. What advantages arise from this choice? In the time of mastication they are going to overlap the top surface with the bottom of the product, thus canceling those that were the breaking points of the paste. The valleys of the inner lining will not be, therefore, weaknesses in thickness but, welcoming the thick points of the lining on the opposite surface will give the summation of the thickness. If infers, from the above, that in the classical grooved pasta, at the time of chewing, will overlap the smooth surfaces, leaving the break points exposed. In the inner grooved, by contrast, breakpoints will be offset by the strengths and if we add to this the increased thickness of which we have spoken, it will result in a paste that will present a final thickness of 3.6mm and without points breaking. Offering strong resistance to chewing, resulting in our palate, very callous. The increased folder and the inner grooved play, therefore, an important role in the production of the pasta 'And Sarracin? The answer is found by referring to a study that says that the human brain unconsciously matched to each food a qualitative assessment resulted from the feeling that gave us the food itself. By this I mean that having the pasta a very delicate taste, when we go to salt water in cooking or even more to add sauces, the flavor of the same is clouded. Our brain, then, automatically, will go looking for characteristics of the dough to be associated to the quality of the product. The feature we are talking, of course, is the calluses. That's where he was hiding innovation!

Focus on Vespa Sprint Veloce 1973

Vespa Sprint Veloce 1973 green Missoni 150cc single owner
€ 6,500

OF later, in detail, we show photos of a Vespa, extraordinary. Restored in detail.


Vespa, Italian icon

We are proud to present three models of an icon all Italian. Expertly made again, paying attention to every detail. All the bikes have the particularity 'of having been restored, if necessary, reporting the origin both mechanical and bodywork. Below are some pictures of some models.

Price list:

Vespa headlight down on the fender year 1955 beige 125cc single owner
€ 15,500

Vespa GL 1963 beige 150cc single owner
€ 7,000

Vespa Sprint Veloce 1973 green Missoni 150cc single owner
€ 6,500

Vespa VVB year 1961 150cc color gray blue
€ 5,000

Vespa 50 Special 1st series 3 gears 1973
Yellow 50cc sole owner
€ 3,500

Vespa 50 Special above year 1972 red sole owner
€ 3,000

Vespa gearbox wand year 1949 green (unique product color) original body, with "stitching" (detail unique to that year then no more ') 125cc
used for clothing catalog photo
€ 26,000

For any information, just send an email to: info.madeitalianstyle@gmail.com
we will respond promptly.